The Tiki Torches


Sit back and relax with your favorite cocktail while your mind drifts off to some far away island, until the rhythm of the savages won’t allow you any other option but to go native and dance among them.

The Tiki Torches are a talented group with a vast range of musical experience, brought together by the dreams of tiki culture, faraway destinations, and the sounds of exotic discovery.

Leaning heavily on Polynesian infused blues and surf sounds, with a little bossa nova added for good measure, the Tiki Torches reach outward to the unique jazz of exotica from the fifties and sixties. Listen closely and you may even catch a more familiar modern tune here and there but, mysteriously, it has gone native and left the ordinary world behind, just like the band itself.

Green Fire

How Soon is Now? Cricket Night Song Version

Palace of the Tiger Women