The Tiki Torches


Departure by The Tiki Torches

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  • Label: Aloha Amigo Records
  • Release: 01 Sep, 2018

Fresh from the jungle (including the smell of the jungle) the band has emerged with a collection of new songs. The journey was a perilous one; our boys weren’t able to bring back but four precious artifacts: an exotic excursion in sound…

Our story begins with our adventurers coming out of the wild, happening upon a Quiet Village …that is a little too quiet. Why is it so quiet? Where is everybody? What happened to them? On high alert our heroes march deep into the dark jungle in Poinciana where tragedy in the form of a great cat befalls one unfortunate member of the party. The beast gets away and the survivors keep on with the hunt. In Jungle Drums they find a river to ease their weary legs and float far away on the current into unknown territory. Our weary travelers are then beckoned by a mysterious and beautiful voice in Misirlou to an ancient lost temple where sirens sing and dance. Transfixed, our heroes are seduced and consumed to a tragic end.